Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rough riding through Dodd Country and the Southwest

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Barack Obama’s campaign says they are receiving “the whole kitchen sink” attack from Clinton’s camp. The lull before the next round of primaries has turned into a free-for-all against the leading presidential candidates. Major “scandals and charges” are being levied against Obama and Sen. McCain as they try to wrap up their respective party’s nominations.

McCain is accused of accepting more than dinner and a round of golf from a female lobbyist. Obama is being slammed for his poor voting records in the Illinois and U.S. Senates. Emails are circulating with pictures of Obama sporting ethnic Somali attire. And amature voters everywhere are spinning in circles as they try to figure out what to think. Here’s what to think: the same thing you thought before these heartless attacks came out. Think less of the opposition making the accusations and enjoy brushing off most of what you hear in the next week. Tuesday night’s news might actually have something important to say, but lets not rush the vote counters, if they need an extra day to make sure they get it right, that’s fine.

Welcome to Dodd Country

Add another percentage point to Sen. Obama’s total. Barack Obama has conquered the presidential territory dubbed by Jon Stewart as Dodd Country. If all of Sen. Dodd’s green necktie lovers follow his endorsement and move in to the Obama Nation he can count on a solid 0-1% boost.

The nod from the former presidential candidate and long time senator is another punch for Obama’s campaign to throw, but they don’t expect to hurt Hillary with it. It is important for him to be able to point to “yet another high profile Democratic leader” that has endorsed him over the former first lady. It is doubtful that Texans or Ohioans are hinging their decision on this, but it could give a small nudge in the two smaller states that vote next Tuesday – Rhode Island and Vermont.

The Renaissance Governor

Obama tried to keep the ball rolling with former presidential candidates’ endorsements but Governor Richardson wasn’t having any of it. Big Bill has worked the national media circuit in the last week as he played hard to get. Semi-daily personal calls from Obama and watching the Super Bowl with Bill Clinton can’t sway him. He says if he’s going to pick a side during the primary it will happen within the next week and if you would like to host him on your Sunday morning news show to please contact Gilbert Gallegos.

He knows where he stands. Yes, he owes Clinton his endorsement. She won New Mexico’s Caucus and her husband made his career appointing him Ambassador and then Secretary of Energy. Simply endorsing Obama would be spun as a stab in the back to the family that enabled him to run for President in the first place. But he also sees where this election is headed. He knows there is no hurry and that Obama can still forgive him later. And if Clinton regains control of the race, he can still cozy back up to them. In the meantime the self-proclaimed Renaissance Man is going to focus on growing out the beard and signing legislation. Maybe we’ll see him atop his throne at the Lobo game tonight.

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