Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $1 Million

The Nut:

Obama’s speech against the attacks on his pastor won’t go away. Now everyone’s debating how the speech went and running in circles. Eliot Spitzer’s favorite lady that’s not his wife missed out on a cool mil from Girls Gone Wild because they already have plenty of footage of her shaking her tatas. And back home in NM, state senate, house and PRC candidacies were filed. Sen. Robinson deserves a little extra support in assuring his re-election. Oh, and a happy 5th anniversary to the biggest waste of our tax dollars ever!

Who wants some beads?

Its Spring Break and even if it wasn’t, we’d still be fully fed up with this worthless focus on Obama’s pastor. If you really can’t enjoy a week that is traditionally reserved for intoxicated debauchery, go read that first amendment to the Constitution that tells religion to take a hike. Unlike Bush’s Administration, Obama respects the Constitution and will heed its restrictions on bringing his religion into office. If you want to blast a President for chosing the wrong spiritual advisor, give President Bush a call and ask him why he relied on a meth-head that solicits male prostitutes to guide his faith-based initiatives.

Luckily for us, Barack Out With My Cock Out has Marquis Solis to report in from South Padre Island the news that Ashley Dupre, the hooker that helped Eliot Spitzer throw away his political career, just missed out on $1 million. Fresh out of jail, Joe Francis offered her a full mil to be featured prominently in upcoming Girls Gone Wild videos and magazines. Luckily, he has some smart interns scouring the archives and not just focused on everything below the neck. Just as he laid the offer on the table, he pulled it away. It turns out that he doesn’t have to pay for something he already owns. Yep, she was featured in the 2003 GGW Spring Break video shaking what she’s got.

Barack Out With My Cock Out has found the censored video here. Barack Out With My Cock Out doesn’t care to find the uncensored action firstly because the internet is double-stuffed with beautiful girls showing themselves off. Also, Ashley was only 17 at the time of the video and while we’re not into grannies over here, we do draw a firm line in the sandy beach and on our side only adults party. But a great kudos to Marquis for finding the singular important piece of news of Spring Break Week.

“Liberal Bloggers Put Positive Spin Obama’s Speech On Race”

No they didn’t. They reported what he said. They reported how he reaffirmed that he is a strong independent mind that denounces hateful rhetoric and loves our nation. We’ll say it again, get over it!

Testing the waters

Anyone wishing to be referred to as Senator, Representative or Commissioner filed their paperwork yesterday. Most of the primary match-ups that materialized will be meaningless forays into the political arena, but there are a few to watch. Most notable is liberal Tim Keller’s desire to unseat veteran Senator Shannon Robinson.

Tim can be commended for holding the right ideals in mind. He supports improving our healthcare and education systems as well as finding renewable sources of energy. Our only problem with his candidacy is that he is everything Senator Robinson is, without the power to get these things done.

Sen. Robinson is the go-to Senator for anyone involved in the New Mexico film industry. Losing his support of the Governor’s film initiatives could cripple an industry that is just getting off the ground in our state. Robinson was in the lead to kill the bill to cap tax incentives for films. If the bill had gone through, all of movie stars would have gone straight back home to L.A.. Massive infrastructure is under construction in the Mesa Del Sol development as well as many other places and if the incentives would have been capped, these buildings would have been left as nothing more than a ghost town.

It is agreed, Sen. Robinson and all of the other Democratic Senators need to be reminded that they support providing quality health care to all New Mexicans and that if the Governor puts his name on a project to do that, they should support such a measure. It is good to see Tim learn how painful being a candidate can be, but it is unfortunate if he thinks he can unseat a long time advocate of progressive ideals.

For those readers that like the excitement of blockbuster movies being filmed in your backyard or enjoy the pay check you receive for your contributions on them, maybe you should give Jon Hendry a call and see how you can get involved in defending Sen. Robinson’s seat and your own job.

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