Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pastors, Florida and State Conventions

The Nut:
The right-wing talking heads reached a new low trying to defame Obama by tying him to colourful remarks made by his church’s pastor. It’s a sad character attack, don’t buy into it or encourage it. Its nothing to worry about or consider. Florida decided against conducting a new election to ensure their delegates are seated. They press the DNC to accept the Jan. 29 results or abandon the state in the general election. Everyone should thank the selfish Florida Democrats that just betrayed the party and screwed everything up even more. The NM Pre-Primary conventions were held on Saturday. Heather Wilson lost her first election since her political career began to Steve Pearce. Other than that, it was a boring day.

Obama Defends Pastor

Before we explain why Barack Obama shouldn’t have to defend the words of his pastor, we will explain why we do not have to explain why we didn’t post yesterday. The feds may not know it, but St. Paddy’s Day is as high of a holiday as any other and deserves as much respect. Anyone that made it to Oniell’s, O’Malley or any other bar with an O in it knew that there was no room for political discussions in the packed pubs. It’s a day of celebrating not picking bitter fights over politics. After enjoying a three-day weekend, we’re back right on time. Happy hangovers to everyone!

Attack after attack has failed and all of the people that fear the Presidency of Barack Obama are proving that there’s no low, low enough to keep them from attacking him. The latest attempt to derail his ride to the White House is the release of tapes showing Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ, making inflammatory remarks criticizing the leaders of the United States for their abuse of power and neglecting the racial divide. The attackers know how powerful this charge is. They know if handled poorly, Obama could alienate the black voting bloc or many white supporters by standing too far or near to Rev. Wright.

The baseless attacks gained enough steam to force Obama to make a public speech affirming his membership in the church and his friendship with Rev. Wright while acknowledging that he strongly disagrees with many of the Reverend’s views. Why a candidate would have to apologize for his pastor’s views is beyond me. Barack Obama is a Democrat and therefore, we can trust his ability to think for himself. He subscribes to a faith possibly because it gives him moral strength, possibly because this nation has failed to elect anyone who does not pray to Jesus to its highest office. Yes, I’m suggesting his membership in this church could be purely political posturing. I’m also stating with 100% certainty that Barack Obama is a wise enough man to take Rev. Wright’s extreme ideas with a grain of salt.

Get over it. Wait, lets first acknowledge that the Reverend has very strong points about the continuing racial divide in our nation that is constantly downplayed. Let us recognize that anyone who dedicates their life to helping people and witnesses acts of violence and hate that come from people’s prejudiced hatred of another person has full reason to be outraged. As the Reverend suggested, damn any person that allows this pathetic behavior to further itself. Damn any organization that institutes policies that take advantage of a group of people they find lesser than themselves. Damn any radio jockey who is ignorant enough to think we live in a fully egalitarian society where black, white, brown, gay, straight, man and woman all enjoy an equal footing. Ok, now get over the attacks by AM talkers who can’t find a more ethical way to boost their ratings.

You are a weak gullible fool if this attack influences your vote. Four angry sound bites are chump change in a political campaign.

Florida Nixes Re-vote

Look south and to the east to find an idiot or two to relentlessly blast with attacks against their character. Florida Democrats pondered conducting a new primary election to ensure their state’s delegates would be seated and decided in favor of the Republican Party. They chose to forego conducting another vote in favor of saving the money and gambling that the DNC will cave and let the delegates in.

As we have discussed before, Florida, as well as Michigan, knows that their delegates will be seated, it is just a question of how we will get there. Rather than doing the right thing and conducting an election within the DNC’s rules, they are again gambling that the nominee will be decided before the convention and that their delegates will be welcomed in since the vote will not matter.

It is a risky move, but should prove to pay off in the end. But if there are still issues, the nation can turn to Florida Democrats when McCain claims the state in the general election and the White House. A $10 million bill to conduct a new election is a very fair penalty for their violation of the DNC rules. They should just pay it, have a vote and be done with this issue already. But who likes to swallow their pride?

State Pre-Primary Conventions

What a snoozer. Two years ago Geno Zamora proved the odds-makers wrong and triumphed over son of New Mexico’s favorite Govenor, Gary King and that creepy D.A. from Grants, Lem Martinez. Ok, that’s pretty boring, too.

The highlight of Saturday’s Democratic and Republican Pre-Primary Conventions was Heather Wilson suffering her first loss since the beginning of her political career as Steve Pearce Captured 55% of the votes. Despite Wilson’s best efforts to stack the odds in her favor, Pearce’s support amongst the party insiders gave him the victory.

The other results came in as expected. Martin Heinrich easily won the top spot on the ballot in the first Congressional District. Bill McCamley took the top spot on the CD-2 ballot with Harry Teague close behind. And Ben Ray Lujan is atop the northern congressional seat’s ballot with Don Wiviott doing better than expected.

The conventions are now a bash for the party insiders with any of its actual impact reduced if not eliminated. It is a time for the candidates to pay special attention to those most concerned with the party and get them nice and prepped for the fight through the primary and into the general election. The vote determines the order they appear on the ballot and if a candidate fails to win 20% of the vote they are sent back out on the streets to gather more nominating signatures. No candidate has ever won a primary after failing to earn 20% at the Pre-Primary convention so it as used as a barometer for people to begin to determine how they will align for the primary.

Well, go pick your corner and start knocking on some doors.

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