Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Nut: The DNC is in Denver and Barack Out With My Cock Out is reporting on the scene. Taking in every last bit of action leaves a man devastated by this hour of the morning and thus, this will be brief. Photos will be posted shortly as soon as its not 3am. Protesters haven't been spotted yet, but the Tent State was visited and two tickets to Rage were scored. Lots of free booze, great food with cute girls everywhere . . . they're even interested in politics! Death Cab for Cuties rocked a great show.

Where's the Outrage?

A short walk down Wawetta around some corner, under an overpass, over a couple bridges and up the sidewalk eventually leads you to the protest park and the great Tent State. While it resembled a dilapidated street fair without a customer for miles, I will spare it because it began the day of winning. Courtesy of Tent State and a bunch of sponsors we'll hear all about tomorrow, Barack Out With My Cock Out will be attending the Rage Against the Machine convention concert. Not just a big show with a big name, its also free and its the one and only concert that Rage always does for any big political event like this. To ice the cake, the Flobots will be opening for them. I was curious if they would have a roll in the convention with their pro-democracy message and this is a perfect fit.

Best protest poster: Bring back Crystal Pepsi. . . . They're absolutely right.

Trick or Vote!

After sweating off a few pounds with the neglected, forgotten, disenfranchised upper middle class white folks we wandered our way to a completely non-partisan party with New Era and a bunch of folks that were psyched to hear I'd ridden the bus to get to the party. It was the beginning of the free hooch and tapas courtesy of everyone's favorite special interests. The first party featured younger people amassed from the northwest for the central idea of improving public transportation systems. Way to go kids!


It was tragic to miss the official welcome to the DNC party hosted by Governor Bill Richardson, but half was made up by seeing him speak at the New Democrats Network event. The Samba Room hosted the Governor, Senator Bingaman and plenty of other self-proclaimed notables. A few mojitos, a few calamari fingers and a little shadow boxing with the Gov and we were doing well.

A whole New Era

New Era - also the host of the Trick or Vote party - took care of us after the NDN at the Meadowlark. "Disappointment of the night" doesn't even begin to describe the scene. There was no open bar, there were no gulf shrimp or brie wedges and worst of all, we even had to sit down and watch a bit of the speeches. We took in Hillary's improved endorsement of Obama and got on to the show. Hillary did a better job of plainly stating that she is no longer an option and that her supporters would have to be high off both types of cheesing (the real definition and the South Park idea) to think that John McCain stood for anything they would desire in a President.

for Cutie

"Hey, what do you know going on tonight"
"Want me to put you on the list for Death Cab for Cutie?"
"Ok. . . and my seven friends."

Its about as simple as that to score a free ticket into a great show. Unfortunately only half of Death Cab made it, but it was still a great acoustic set. And yes, they were still pouring free suds all night.

Up Next

Tomorrow features an early morning of going to see Rage Against the Machine and Flobots. Then a party, then another party and then another party. Have fun watching those speeches on TV!

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